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Dear friend,

I can help you.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to meet and date women…

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Then what I’m about to reveal to you can literally change your life.

Because let’s face it…

As soon as you step out of your front door… there’s every possibility you’re going to bump right into a woman that will absolutely blow your mind.

You’ll be thinking, “Man… I’ve got to know her!”

But the question is: What will you do?

How would you take that first step in approaching her? What should you do when she gives you her attention?

What exactly should you say in that first few critical seconds to literally open up a world of romance and intimacy with her?

The REAL Secret That Gets Women Tripping Over Themselves For Your Attention…

Think about it… what if you could unleash a woman’s attraction for you… and give her that special feeling of “I must have him!” that she gets from meeting a good looking millionaire…

… without being any of those yourself?

You see, most men find themselves absolutely clueless when meeting and dating women… They:

  • Don’t know how to approach a woman.
  • Don’t know the best way to start a conversation with her.
  • Don’t know how to give her that feeling of EASE around you.
  • Don’t know how to read a woman.
  • Don’t know how to recognize the signs she’s interested in you… and how to explore deeply into the relationship…

Most men are lost when approaching women… It’s just like a throwing an elephant into the open sea!

Why Men Crack…

Here’s the first real problem – Approaching a woman sets fear in you… and your mind goes blank in an instant.

Every thought of what to say or do meets with an image of that action failing.

In fact many men have trapped themselves in a cocoon of negative thoughts for YEARS… It’s no wonder they just can’t seem to break free and start getting good with women!

And when you decide to take action… uh oh…

She sees fear in you. In your body language. In your eyes.

And when you speak to her she senses a slight tremble in your voice too!

You sigh and wonder… “What can I really do about it?”

And you feel a little more nervous each time you think about it… don’t you?

Here’s How You Can Master The Art Of Meeting And Dating Beautiful Women…

You see, after enduring embarrassment and even outright rejection over the years, I was finally sick and tired of struggling when it came to attracting women… especially those I fancied.

You know in my mind I often fantasized “If only she could be with me…”

Then it hit me… I had to unravel the mysteries and uncover the secrets like it was my life’s work… and from this amazing experience create a system to make women feel an attraction they literally couldn’t control – just to convince myself that absolutely any guy can do it.

I wanted to make sure YOU can do it too – no matter how undesirable to women you think you might be…

So after years of learning from guys who make attracting beautiful girls seem like a walk in the park… the pieces of the puzzle finally came together in an instant.

That was the turning point of my life.

I no longer had to approach hundreds of women just to “click” with one.

I could instantly find the ones I had a natural attraction with… and get her number within 3 minutes. It was now no longer a matter of chance. It was all within my total control.

I no longer had to worry about feeling lonely ever again.

I no longer had to settle for the ‘average’ woman… because to be quite honest… even attracting the sexy and smart ones isn’t much of a challenge now.

My confidence became unshakeable as a mountain when I realized I could actually date almost any woman I wanted to… while being overweight and what you’d probably call ‘nerdy’!

Now what if you could do the same?

“So I Decided To Take The Next Logical Step…”

You see, I next decided to help Frank, a short and bald colleague of mine who never had any success with women… EVER.

When I showed him step by step what to say and do before we decided one night to crash a downtown party.… I could see the fire light up in his eyes instantly…

Frank started getting serious interest from this woman he had set his eyes on at the party.

Boy… was he was thrilled. And man… was she hot!

In less than a month… the secrets I shared with Frank turned him into an instant street dater – a lady killer who never had to struggle with successfully meeting, dating and attracting women in his life ever again.

That’s when I decided to take my goal one final step further…

I Created A Unique 28-Day Course That Reveals The Exact Same Steps Frank Now Uses To Win Women…

…and how YOU can use it to your advantage to succeed with meeting and dating the ones you like – guaranteed.

But first let’s get something straight – Your challenges with women can’t be solved in a single weekend (the length of ALL current dating workshops that will set you back at $2,000$5,000).

That’s why I started to design a complete program that any guy could follow to get amazing with women… It had to cover all my 10 years of sizzling dating experiences…

“Since doing your course I’ve noticed my confidence with women improve greatly. I’m happy now to make a silly joke to any women who are standing around or even just go up and say ‘Hi’. Taking part in the course destroyed any fear, worries or inhibitions that I had about approaching women. I’ve also noticed that I’ve started to adopt more ‘alpha’body language – leaning back and being more relaxed. I’ve even put my story-telling skills to the test – and now I’ve been invited out to an Easter barbecue and I’m meeting another woman next week! How would I sum up your course? Simple. Effective. Powerful!” 


Jim, London, UK

“Announcing… Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer!”

This is the world’s first social and dating skills builder… wrapped up together in a REAL-WORLD action plan.

Using a combination of presentation, software and a complete 28-Day plan you will master the “Cool Approach”.

You will develop and drill your dating and attraction skills in the comfort of your home… to build a rock-solid confidence when approaching women in the real world.

What’s more – You will get to fire-up your practice for 30 minutes a day at home early in the week, and then field-test your attraction skills on the weekend.

How awesome is this going to be?

In fact, practicing a little of what you learn every day over a period… is BY FAR more likely to get you long lasting results.

You will not only gain MASTERY over personal development – personality types – body language – but also the art of conversation with women among other key skills to transform you into an Instant Street Dater fast.

“For the people who are starting out this is excellent information and it will super improve their game tremendously and it would shorten the learning curve if they make this a part of their lives… not only with women in other areas of life too…”

Harsh, U.S.A.

“No Other Dating Guide Even Comes Close…”

You’re probably aware of the dozens of eBooks, CDs and DVDs and workshops that will teach you lines to pick her up and get her number.

No doubt many of these products give you nuggets of valuable information… but they all suffer from the same major problem…

You read, listen or watch it ONCE and then off to the shelf it goes.

Think about it… you can’t get good with women simply by sitting and reading a book… or watching a DVD on dating, can you?

Absolutely not.

Along with learning the secrets to dating, you must apply – Say things out loud, move your body and speak to people.

You Can Finally Get Great At Attracting Women

This is why Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer is interactive from the very first chapter of the presentation where you’ll be instructed and inspired to action.

What you will learn and drill with real world simulation is how to start and hold a killer conversation with women… then turn it into a date you will never forget.

This is not just a revolutionary way of mastering the art of dating, attraction and getting her to want you deep…

This is a commitment.

As you dive into the program you will be trained with computer software… and through simple step-by-step real-world missions.

In fact… here’s what you’ll be installed with after using Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer:

  • The secret to unlocking an INSTANT connection with any woman you want. (It’s the best way hands-down to start a conversation with any woman you desire.)
  • The 6 most powerful conversation questions you can memorize right now that fits perfectly into any conversation with a woman.
  • Making the right first impression is vital to being successful with any woman… You’ll learn how to build UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE when meeting face-to-face with woman of your dreams.
  • How to read a woman like a book so that she’ll see you as THE man who can give her understanding, love and affection unlike any other.
  • How to use your newfound instant street dating ability to enter any type of relationship with the woman you desire – be it physical, flirty, or a lifelong loving relationship.
  • Women want a successful man in their lives, but you don’t need to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company to get there… in fact the answer might surprise you! (Hint: You already have this “success”. You just don’t know it yet.)
  • Take this personality test in the guide to identify your main personality type: You will learn how compatible you are with the woman you’ve set your eyes on in an instant.
  • Do opposites really attract? The answer might surprise you!
  • How to blow women away by virtually understanding them on sight. (Warning: When you do this successfully, she is going to be absolutely fascinated with you!)
  • I’ve devised a step-by-step system to train you in specific dating skills that will get you meeting and dating the kind of women you’ve always wanted. (You won’t find this exclusive training system anywhere else.)
  • Dating Goals Workshop: Women are seriously attracted to men who know what they want – Here you’re going to discover what kind of woman you really like and how to make her go crazy over you.

But that’s not all… you’ll also be guided through:

  • 28 power-packed step-by-step missions to quickly transform you from a normal guy to an Instant Street Dater with the NATURAL ability to pull out all the stops to attract any beautiful woman you desire. (You will move from fear to competence… and competence to UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE because you are guaranteed to succeed.)
  • How you can start a conversation with a woman so she instantly finds you more fun, interesting and attractive than any other guy she’s EVER known.
  • How to converse SPONTANEOUSLY with any woman you come across so that you’ll never have to struggle with chatting with women again.
  • Discover the 3-way model for mastering the conversation with any woman – You will be able to talk with her until the sun rises while her attraction for you grows!
  • Ever heard of a Spontaneity Trainer? This REAL secret program will get you thinking on your feet quicker than even the best standup comedian – in the comfort of your own home.
  • 9 out of 10 guys simply do not know how to cross the great divide and begin touching a woman. Listen… women love to be touched. I’ll show you the right ways to arousing her.
  • How to ELIMINATE the fear of approaching women. (Combine this self-breakthrough with your newfound conversational skills and even the most beautiful women will find it damn near impossible to resist you!)
  • “The Reverse Technique” – what you should do when a stunningly beautiful woman folds her arms as you approach her… to get her to wanting you! (This is just one sneaky tactic in a whole “bag of tricks” you’re going to learn to become a master of street dating.)
  • …and so much more!

And because you won’t want to miss out on the hottest opportunities today to meeting and dating women, I’m going to include 2 exclusive Fast-Mover Bonuses worth over $50 that you won’t get anywhere else.

So here’s what you’ll also get when you act now:

Fast Mover Bonus #1: Secret Internet Dating System To Picking Up The Hottest Women Online (Worth $27)

You’re going to get a dynamite report on Internet Dating written by Arthur… a good friend of mine who has perfected online dating.

This is NOT your usual information on Internet Dating.

He covers an incredibly easy step-by-step system to creating a profile that catches her attention… and then carpet-bombing the women you desire while still sending a personalized method of attraction.

This downloadable guide will teach you:

  • The 3 most important things when selecting an Internet dating service. (Ignore ANY one of these things and you’ll be practically wasting your time and energy.)
  • How to create your profile that will get women engaged in you.
  • Profile names you must absolutely stay away from using that will repel women like a bad odor…PLUS fool-proof ways to choose your name that will grab women’s eyeballs.
  • How to write the first email to a woman – I absolutely love his unique approach. (Hint: Use a personal message but with bare minimum of effort. His 3-step method here made me kick myself with how easily you can actually attract women online without looking desperate.)
  • Arthur’s favorite email ‘template’ you can use today that will almost magically get women desperately wanting to chat with you.
  • How to score that all-important date – Nothing is set in motion until you have met her in person. (Arthur reveals the exact techniques he uses for moving smoothly to the phone and then on to an unforgettable date.)

…and much, MUCH more!

“By the way, I’ve already tried out that letter thing on some the girls from one of those internet dating sites… and holy smokes! It’s like magic for something so simple! I had one girl respond back “can I call you”just like that! Another was “wow, you’re the creative type!”That stuff is like Godiva chocolate… they eat it up and don’t care what it’s made of… Magic!”

Joe, U.S.A.

Fast Mover Bonus #2: Speed Dating Secrets: How To Stand Out In A League Of Your Own From The Other 20 Guys In The Room (Worth $27)

Speed dating is the quickest method to meeting dozens of women in your area. You’ll get this highly exclusive guide on how to leave your competition choking in the dust at a speed-dating event!

In fact I decided to create this guide after serious backroom discussions with some successful friends in the speed dating scene. And guess what? We realized we had the exact same strategy to speed dating no one else talks about.

You see… in speed dating every second counts but most guys waste their time on boring conversations that quite frankly get them nowhere with the ladies.

The trick is to understand how to beat the system and tip the odds of attraction highly in YOUR favor.

You will learn:

  • An off-the-wall attitude to take with speed dating that ensures heart-pounding desire from the women you meet.
  • Most guys approach speed dating the same way as dating…BIG MISTAKE. (I’ll show you how to take the sure-fire approach that will capture your woman’s deep interest in you – guaranteed.)
  • The most important thing to do before going to your speed dating event. (I recommend going through the first 10 days of the 28 day mission. Because if you do you will find your speed dating session a breeze while almost effortlessly striking all the right chords with the beautiful ladies!)
  • How to enjoy the benefits of a speed-dating event, without actually having to pay a single cent. (You’ll kick yourself for not discovering this secret sooner!)
  • How to create instant attraction with your first words – I’ll help you prepare the answers to the 3 most asked questions… virtually securing your success with your dates.
  • The best time to pull your charm on her is during the actual 2-5 minutes right? WRONG! Most guys don’t know these secrets to winning speed dates… you’ll easily attract ANY woman you want… it almost feels as if you’re ‘cheating’. (Talk about an unfair advantage going for you!)
  • …and so much more!

And Here’s The Best Part…

You can download this breakthrough course in dating and start exploding your potential with women within the next 3 minutes.

Listen: If you’re desiring for a special woman in your life… if you want to get great at attracting women with a cutting-edge training program… no matter how undesirable to women you think you might be…

Then I want you to get Instant Street Dating today… because I KNOW you will find yourself much more confident and attractive to women as you progress through the instructional missions.

In fact, many thrilled customers who started using this software training system started seeing mind blowing results just 2 days into the course…

Here’s why:

Not only will you be getting top-notch instructions on dating many ebooks fail to deliver… you’ll also be getting an unbeatable INTERACTIVE training you’ve never experienced before!

Think about it… what would it mean to you if you could learn to meet beautiful, smart, and funny and all round attractive women that you get to choose whether she becomes your girlfriend?

Can You Put A Price On That First Passionate Kiss?

How much would it be worth to you, in monetary terms, the opportunity to turn your life around and go from “Sigh…what should I do?” to…. “She’s going to be my girl!”

Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer cost only $49.97 – a tiny fraction of what I normally charge for one hour of my consultation time. But you’ll get ALL my uncensored secrets to successfully meeting, dating and attracting women when you get this breakthrough course now.

I’ve put my heart and soul into this COMPLETE dating training program for you to master in the comforts of your own home. I know you’ll be blown away by it… In fact I’m so confident of this that I’m giving a very special guarantee…

“Your 60 Day Risk-Free No-Questions-Asked Full Money Back Guarantee”

When you download Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer right now, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

You’re going to finally own the keys to unlocking the secrets to meeting, starting conversations and dating the women you’ve always wanted.

Your confidence when approaching and interacting with women must SOAR. You must begin to experience immediate results when attracting women in ANY situation, or you may simply contact me via email within the next 60 days and request for a hassle-free, no-questions-asked complete refund.

Simply click on the “Download Now”button to download:

Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer

*Fast Mover Bonus #1

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Your Special Introductory Offer: $49.97

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To your wild success with women,

Jack Johnson


P.S. Everything in this course is my original work – this is the real deal. You will not find ANY comparable 28-Day mastery program that is backed up by computer simulation to train you in the art of dating and attracting women… in the comfort of your own room.

P.P.S. You can literally pay up to $5,000 to attend 3-day dating workshops, or spend $100’s on ebooks that frankly don’t teach you half as much of what you’re going to get in Instant Street Dating – Home Trainer.

I’m absolutely convinced you’ll find yourself on a whole new level of confidence when approaching, attracting and dating women.

Remember you’re given a full satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not thrilled, YOU DON’T PAY A CENT. This is truly a 100% risk-free offer… so act now while it’s fresh on your mind.